Well being

Because at La Maison Mermoz we do everything for your well being and that your stay is a real moment of relaxation, a bubble of rest in the heart of your activities, we propose to take care of your body and your spirit by proposing you various services carried out by specialists.

Some treatments can take place in your room if you wish, but we also have a secluded lounge where the provider can practice his art at his ease and you can abandon yourself in complete serenity.

Aesthetic care and Massages

Aesthetic care

A beautician can come on site to take care of you. Waxing, facials, manicure, pedicure... you can choose your treatments and abandon yourself to her hands to relax and get a new look!


A massage specialist offers you a wide range of treatments, to choose from when you make your reservation.


variable, depending on the service

Duration of the session

variable, depending on the service


Dare to experience, dare to open the door!

An energy balancing session is a treatment that acts on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

A session takes place in two stages:

  • An interview: which will allow us to recognize your problem and to associate the appropriate human resource.
  • A treatment: which is based on bio-psycho-synergy and which allows to release the vibratory charge.

Balancing - Liberating - Healing - Harmonising - Loving yourself better

Evelyne Aich, energy analyst therapist, has been trained in Archetypal therapy and bio-synergy.



Duration of the session