The Gardens

One of the secret charms of La Maison Mermoz: its hidden gardens offering an oasis in the heart of the city.

Peace and quiet in the middle of the city, a real luxury to leave rested and in shape after a cultural, sporting, festive or professional stay. Isn't that what true luxury is all about?

Discretion, calm, serenity and refinement in every detail…

The Courtyard

Behind its 19th century wrought iron gate, a first courtyard planted with exotic species, palm trees, citrus trees, hibiscus, jasmine reveals itself to the visitor.

We are in Provence, and inevitably, the 3 cypresses are there to welcome the guests and offer them food and lodging.

A wrought iron table and its armchairs invite you to quench your thirst or have a snack in the afternoon to find calm and serenity after an active day.


The garden

But the most unexpected is the garden at the back of the house. In the center, a hundred-year-old plane tree and a twisted Judas tree stand like a giant bonzai.

On the terrace, on sunny days and at the end of the season, breakfast or tea time is served. Shaded during the hottest season, the garden is a true haven of peace that makes you forget its urban location.

The planted species, all with white flowers, plunge you into a fresh atmosphere. Here, no Mediterranean plants but hydrangeas, camellias, arums, gardenias... species not very common in the region but which La Maison Mermoz has the secret.

Several sitting areas allow you to isolate yourself and rest to the sound of birdsong... and with a bit of luck, maybe the beautiful green parakeet will come and perch on a branch.